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The Tacho Pro 2008 is an excellent professional vehicle odometer correction tool, many people want to ask workshop to help them update their tool's software after they bought it for a period of time. Actually, its' software update can be installed by yourself. What you need is only a DOS or Windows computer with a serial port and a 0-modem cable. Remember, before you start to update your Universal Dash Programmer, you should erase all EEPROM's data.

Tacho Pro 2008

Now first, please connect the cable to your PC and port 2 on the handheld and then start the handheld, choose SYNC for updating. Next please start the update program that you have received from your seller and make sure that there has a working internet connection. Then just wait for a moment until there shows "RESET" on the display. (For new types please contact your seller to get the code you have to type in under update special Menu.)

After the start menu, you will see the main menu with different manufacturers and menu OPTIONS, UPDATE and SYNC. You can press the button 8 to move up and press button 2 to move down to select the option you want. Then the bar is on the desired menu, press OK. If you have chosen a wrong menu, you can quit by pressing "STOP".

Tacho Pro 2008 Package

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Video Of Function Presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEQxD-wdt2k

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Fahad 05/26/2015 23:52

Ubdate Tacho Pro 2008
I own a possible renovation in 2015 or 2014 or 2013

Fahad 05/26/2015 23:50

Ubdate Tacho Pro 2008
I own a possible renovation in 2015 or 2014 or 2013