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  • Tacho Pro 2008 Odometer Correction Programmer Unlocked

    04 June 2014 ( #Correction Mileage )

    Tacho Pro 2008 is the worldwild popular programming-device for digital speedometers. It offers a maximum of flexibility and working comfort despite simplest operation, it's a high-quality odometer programming tool. The Tacho Pro we introduce here is the...

  • Update The Software Of Tacho Pro 2008

    05 June 2014 ( #Correction Mileage )

    The Tacho Pro 2008 is an excellent professional vehicle odometer correction tool, many people want to ask workshop to help them update their tool's software after they bought it for a period of time. Actually, its' software update can be installed by...

  • GM MDI Multiple Diagnostic Interface With Wifi

    06 June 2014 ( #Auto Diagnostic Scanner )

    GM MDI is a new excellent GM diagnostic tool, it is designed to be used by those professional technicians to diagnose and repair automatic electrical and electronic systems. It can work on new GM vehicles and also on the old kinds. As a GDS2 diagnostic...